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Ashiya Nikki Curry

Why did we start serving curry and rice? - Japanese curry and rice originated in England, not ndia. -

Since bar culture in Japan is greatly influenced by that of England, we started serving English-style curry and rice, blending rich white sauce with spices̶not store-bought curry powder but freshly ground spices each time. We’d like you to enjoy the fresh spice aroma, and rich, thick curry sauce.

You can eat delicious at home.

Japonix Co., Ltd., a food company in Osaka, Japan, having heard of our curry, proposed selling a prepackaged version of it. A little over two years after our collaborative research and development, we had a perfect product at the end of 2015 and is now on sale at famous department stores and high-end supermarkets in Japan, like Takashimaya, Daimaru and Hankyu.

Ashiya Nikki’s beef curry

Medium-hot Curry This curry is a packaged version of our standard curry. Rich taste at first, then fresh spicy flavor explodes in your mouth.

Ashiya Nikki’s beef curryMild type for adults

Premium Mild Curry Our Italian creamy curry is a limited edition only served during Autumn at the bar. This is a packaged version of it̶so you can have this anytime with thick seafood white sauce and tomato added to the original curry.

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