BAR Ashiya Nikki
  • TEL 0797-23-5252
    Reception time 12:00–27:00(We never close)
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Open the door, and you will find time passing by slowly inside...

BAR Ashiya Nikki was established in 1986, with the hope that our bar would be like a diary for our customers, whose thoughts and feelings are memorably recorded. That’s why our bar was named Ashiya Nikki. (“Nikki” means “diary” in Japanese)

We are members of the Nippon Bartender Association and certified by the International Bartender Association.

Owner BarTender Tomokazu Kusano

A bartender is required to have some special skills, of course. More important, however, is taking good care of customers and making sure they have a wonderful time. I always keep that in mind, standing at the barcounter. I also try to serve the best drinks I can. My favorite saying is “Being a bartender isn’t a job̶it’s a way of life.” I hope you’ll have a good time at BAR Ashiya Nikki.

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