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Drink & Food

“A bar must have the mind of kappō style cuisine.” As my benefactor, Mr. Taniguchi Fumio always reminds me, “You have to be conscious that customers are watching your performance.”

Roughly, there are two types of traditional Japanese cuisine: kaiseki and kappō. Kaiseki is served in courses by waiters or waitresses, with lavish dishes cooked in a separate place from the dining room. Kappō, on the other hand, has always valued the cooking process, where customers have a wide selection of dishes to choose from, they see the meals made right in front of them, and they are often served directly by the cook. This is why the experience of drinking at a bar is similar to eating kappō cuisine. We shave ice, squeeze fruit, and serve cocktails right in front of you. We would like you to experience our drinks here at Bar Ashiya Nikki with all five senses.


Cover Charge 500yen Cocktail 800yen– Beer 700yen– Whisky 700yen– Non-Alcoholic 600yen– Gin and Tonic 800yen Glenlivet 1,000yen Ichiro’s Malt 1,200yen–


We also have various snacks in addition to curry and rice.

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